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Architecture General

Software Architecture, Software Architects, and Architecting

Web Services and Service-Oriented Architectures


Best of Wiki

SOA - Serviceorientierte Architektur - Wikipedia (German)

Socket - Wikipedia (German)


Best Practises


All e Technologies (Germany) GmbH


Construx Construx Estimate

ELCA Technology-Consulting-Innovation job opportunities careers Informatiker software engineer


Database & Tools

Distributed data management and embedded database professionals

Oracle Documentation

Oracle9i Database Online Documentation (Release 2 (9.2))

Progress ObjectStore PSE Pro ObjectStore Progress Software Corporation

Ricebridge Java CSV Manager Component - user-friendly and well documented for software develope


Information General

BetterSolutions.com - Microsoft Office Development


Interesting Places

Alistair Cockburn

Dan Kegel's Web Hostel

Douglas C. Schmidt's Welcome Page

Tom's Java Shack!



Application Server

JOnAS OpenSource Java EE Application Server - Main - WebHome



BEA Dev2Dev Online By Developers, For Developers

glassfish GlassFish Community

IBM developerWorks Forums and community

ONJava.com The Independent Source for Enterprise Java -- java development, open and emerging en

TheServerSide.com your java Community discussing server side development

Websphere Global User Group Community


Java Performance and Profiling

EJB performance tips

Introduction to the NetBeans Profiler

Java Performance Tuning

JVM Tuning

SPEC - Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation



Comments on JSR-047 Public Review Draft

JSR47 vs. log4j

Log4j project - Introduction


Pattern & Experience

Executing programs from Java applications

ONJava.com -- POJO Application Frameworks Spring Vs. EJB 3.0

Software Reality - EJB's 101 Damnations

Welcome to Core J2EE Patterns!

Whats Wrong With Ejb



JUnit, Testing Resources for Extreme Programming


Testtools für J2EE Anwendungen

Java Programming Style Guidelines

JavaRanch FAQ Scjp Mock Tests


OO General

OO Relational

LLBLGen Pro The leading O-R mapper - generator

O-R Mapping Adventures

Object-relational mapping articles

Patterns for Object-Relational Access Layers

Vanatec Object-relational Mapping, O-R Mapping, ORM for .NET



MontaVista Software - Powering the Embedded Revolution with Linux Systems Software


Reference Manuals & Books

Bash Reference Manual

Handy Solaris commands

Java SE APIs & Documentation

JavaReference.com Home

Manning Publications Co.

Overview (Java 2 Platform SE 5.0)

Overview (Java 2 Platform SE v1.4.2)

Overview (Java Platform SE 6)

The Java Series Books


Remote Objects and Communication


ACE Overview

Main Page

Riverace Corporation Home



Abstract Syntax Notation.One (ASN.1)



CORBA Implementations

CORBA-IIOP Specifications

IONA - Making Software Work Together


The Free CORBA page



Charles Spurgeon's Ethernet (IEEE 802.3) Web Site

Sockets Tutorial

The C10K problem


Scripting Tools

SWIG - Simplified Wrapper and Interface Generator


Software Analysis Tools

Flow chart Generator

Power Software - Products - Visualize it!

Scitools - Maintenance, Metrics and Documentation Tools for Ada, C, C++, Java, and FORTRAN

Software Tomography

Source Insight Program Editor and Analyzer



Software Development Tools

CodeGear (Borland++)

CodeGear (JBuilder)